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Content Creator/Communications Professional


+1 (647) 608-8510



Pickering, ON Canada

A Bit About Me

In my eight years of experience in media, research and entrepreneurship, I've always looked forward to telling stories. Stories about people, global events and organizations where each one had a different voice, platform and purpose. That variety of using multi-media and different writing styles keeps me excited and challenged.

My passion for written and digital communications began during my undergraduate degree in Journalism where I also interned at top news media organizations. I gained valuable exposure to different aspects of human society across socio-economic backgrounds. During my Masters in International Studies, I developed a research-minded approach and conducted in-depth studies on climate change during my internship in an inter-governmental organization. I also researched on conflict, human rights and geopolitical changes for my thesis. After graduation, I went on to gain valuable insight in media communications through my work in corporate and creative agencies.


Currently, I'm a content creator and designer for my interior design studio. As an entrepreneur, this experience has helped me understand the mechanics of running a business and create communications that are targeted to my audience. Having practiced all sides of the business and, having earned great reviews from happy clients, I bring leadership, partnership and empathy while working in a team environment.

With a strong work ethic, skill set and experience in Canada and internationally, I come with easily transferable skills that can be applied globally in many different platforms. I hope to work for an organization that is engaged in meaningful work where I can share my passions and further build on it through learning and collaboration.

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